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Anne Kirby -  BA Design (Interior Architecture), BBS

Anne KirbyDesign is my passion.  For me it’s about truly understanding my clients’ needs and helping them to achieve a space in which they really love to be.

Since setting up AKDESIGN, my projects have ranged from period home renovations to new builds, kitchen extensions and home renovations.  These projects have involved both maintaining and restoring the beauty and integrity of the original design, and conceiving and creating innovative and dynamic contemporary spaces which can inspire and invigorate those who inhabit them.

AKDESIGN was formed in 2010.  Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Architecture from Griffith College Dublin, this enabled me to develop my longstanding love of design through studying theory and practice in areas such as structure, 3D drawing, building materials and finishes.  I previously received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and French from University of Limerick and managing AKDESIGN requires the skills and knowledge derived from both fields!  AKDESIGN thus satisfies both my artistic and my entrepreneurial spirit and this spirit ensures my client has an experience that is creative, professional and thoroughly client centred. 

My previous experience includes 3 years with Beyond the Hall Door as an interior designer.  I also worked as a colour consultant in the wonderful Farrow and Ball showroom in Dublin 8.  Currently, I focus primarily on all kinds of residential design including home office spaces which are becoming increasingly popular. People are choosing to extend and redecorate rather than relocate right now, and are allowing themselves the freedom to try out ideas more so than before.  When clients come to me, they don’t need to be technical, just to have a dream and my job is to facilitate this dream - whatever it may be!  I really love what I do and strive to maximize the potential of every project, no matter how big or small and I feel this helps make the experience fulfilling for my clients too.